4 Oral Health Benefits of Green Tea

Recent medical studies are showing that green tea has special oral health benefits for people all over the world.

Here are the four main reasons why a switch to green tea could improve your smile.

1. Freshen your breath.

Green tea is a fantastic natural breath freshener. This may be due to the fact that it has some antimicrobial properties. At any rate, a glass of unsweetened iced green tea may be your best bet for freshening up your mouth. Green tea has a lower caffeine and acid content than coffee, so it may be the perfect drink substitute.

2. Prevent cancer.

There are plenty of studies showing that there is a decrease in the number of cancer cells in the presence of green tea. Your risk for oral cancer may also go down if you have a habit of sipping on a cup.

3. Lower your cavity risk.

Unsweetened green tea is good for saliva since it’s not acidic. It actually helps reduce acid in the mouth and may have an antibacterial effect against cavity-causing bacteria.

Many teas are a good natural source of fluoride. Prepare your tea with fluoridated water, and your enamel will thank you for the benefits.

4. Get healthier gums.

Periodontal disease affects over 80% of American adults. Left untreated, gum disease results in tooth loss. You can lower your chances of developing serious gum disease by increasing your green tea intake. Researchers suspect that the antioxidant “catechin” helps reduce inflammation in gum tissue.

Get more dental health tips in Midlothian by scheduling a checkup at River Ranch Dental. By the way, we’ll also help you out in getting rid of tooth stains from green tea!

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