3 Simple Ways to Lower Your Risk of Getting Dental Cavities

By stopping cavities in their tracks, you can dodge the bullet of costly and time-consuming dental treatment.

Here are some cavity prevention tips inspired by the River Ranch Dental team.

1. See The Dentist More

Most people only make it to their local dental office once a year. It’s recommended to go twice a year, and if Dr. Rivers recommends it, maybe even more often than that.

Getting dental x-rays once a year is critical to detecting cavities early in development.

2. Shorten Snack Time

When it comes to cavities, it’s not about how much sugar you eat as it is how long it takes you to eat it.

For example, a lollipop has far few fewer calories than a brownie. But you can probably finish off your browning in two minutes or less while the lollipop can soak your teeth in sugar for ten minutes or more.

The longer you have sugar in your mouth, the long it wears away at enamel and fuels the bacteria which cause the actual cavities.

3. Make The Switch To Water

You may not even realize how much sugar you are exposing your teeth to on a daily basis. That 3 PM iced salted caramel macchiato you so love could be gradually demineralizing your enamel.

Simply substituting plain water for your usual afternoon pick-me-up could mark a turning point in your dental decay risk.

Water is very important to oral health. It forms the basis of saliva, which our teeth need to stay clean. Saliva neutralizes acids in the mouth which weaken tooth enamel.

For more cavity-fighting tips, schedule a smile consultation with Dr. David Rivers.

Posted on behalf of River Ranch Dental

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