Do You Really Need More Than One Dental Cleaning Per Year?

Dental cleanings aren’t just for looks.

A professional cleaning is your opportunity to get caught up on exams and x-rays. Medical research shows your teeth and gums can really go downhill over the course of one year. Visits to the dentist every six months keeps you on top of your oral health.

Why might you need more than the standard two cleanings a year?

Orthodontic Treatment

Wearing braces puts anyone at risk for accumulating more dental plaque. At River Ranch Dental, we like to see our ortho patients as often as possible to help them fight gingivitis and cavities.

High Cavity Risk

Squeezing in some more dental visits could be your ticket to fewer cavities.

At your cleaning, the hygienist will update you on the latest techniques and treatments for avoiding tooth decay. You might even benefit from some preventative fluoride treatments.

Periodontal Maintenance

After having gum therapy to treat periodontitis, you’d need special cleanings to keep your smile disease-free. Only hygienists with their specialized tools can access those gum pockets around teeth. These periodontal maintenance visits will help your gums stay healthy.

Poor Oral Hygiene

In some instances, where people cannot clean their own teeth daily, they may need some extra professional attention. Perhaps you have a loved one who cannot brush their teeth on their own. For example, it’s common for dementia sufferers to resist caretakers’ efforts to clean their teeth.

An extra dental cleaning in the year could be the key to keeping your loved one’s smile comfortable.

Dental Cleanings In Midlothian

At River Ranch Dental, we treat each patient as the unique individual they are. Visit us for a comprehensive dental examination. We’ll make professional cleaning recommendations based upon your situation and needs.

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