What Is Galvanic Shock?

Have you ever experienced a zinging sensation in filled teeth when you bite down?

If so, you may be experiencing galvanic shock. This term refers to the electrochemical reaction between two dental restorations made from different materials.

Why It Happens

Galvanic shock doesn’t occur very often, these days. It usually results when people have metal fillings done by different dentists who may have used materials that differed a bit. If these fillings came in contact with each other, they could send a bit of a “zap” through the tooth and other soft tissues.

Most people who still suffer from this rare chemical interaction do so because they’ve got a bunch of old fillings in their mouth. You’re not likely to start experiencing galvanic shock after a dental visit these days.

How To Avoid Galvanic Shock

The majority of today’s fillings are made from combinations of glass and plastic, making them charge-free, sparing you the zing of metal ones.

If you do have old metal fillings that are bothering you, Dr. David Rivers can swap them out for fresh white ones with no trouble. Dr. Rivers helps a lot of patients update old amalgam restorations because people are nervous about the mercury content in them.

Whether you want your fillings replaced because of esthetics, mercury concerns, or galvanic shock, you can take care of that right here at River Ranch Dental. Dr. Rivers uses only the latest in restorative dentistry techniques. We’re happy to get you more information on the safety of dental restorations.

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