Three Big Benefits of Wearing an Athletic Mouthguard

Wearing a sports guard during your soccer game or wrestling tournament may be required. But even if it’s not, you or your child deserves the best protection from common dental injuries. Investing in a professionally fitted athletic mouthguard can give you better results than buying a loosely fitting tray at the supermarket.

If you haven’t considered making this investment, here are three reasons why you should:

Guard Against Concussions

Only a custom fitted mouthguard has the potential to stop concussions before they start. We carefully design the guard so that it positions the jaw in a way that limits rebound into the skull when blunt or secondary injury occurs. Research shows that this protection is real, but it’s not something you can get from a store-bought guard.

Reduce the Risk of Broken Teeth

Broken off front teeth are one of the most common dental emergencies that families see during athletic activities. Even if you’re involved in a single-person sport like gymnastics, mouth injuries are a risk. An athletic guard protects your teeth as well as guards you against lacerations to the lips, cheeks, gums, and tongue.

Avoid Trips to the Hospital Emergency Room

During the summertime, emergency rooms see far more childhood injuries due to recreational activities. A high percentage of these are limited to the mouth and face. Imaging being able to avoid the hospital trip (and bill) altogether by simply having your child protect her smile with an athletic mouthguard.

River Ranch Dental in Midlothian proudly supports our local athletes and their families. If you’re considering having a mouthguard made for yourself or your child, we invite you to call us today.

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